Cornerstone Baptist Church – Columbia SC

Our Ministry Staff

Deacon Steve Wilson Sr.

Chairman Of The Deacons Ministry

Deacon Ron Felder

Vice Chair of the Deacons Ministry/Vice President Of Missionary Society

Deacon James Patterson

Chairman Trustee Ministry

Trustee Aleathea Williams

Vice Chair Trustee Ministry

Deacon Freddie Stroman


Trustee Felicia Clark

Finance Secretary

Deloris Glymph

Church Clerk/Sunday School Superintendent

Trustee Sylvia Jackson

President Of Pastor's Aide

Deaconess Curtis Ann Olden

Vice Chair Of Pastor's Aide

Deaconess Valveta Thomas

President Of The Senior Usher Board/Chairperson Women's Ministry

Deacon Alex Wright

Vice Chair Of The Usher's Ministry

Deaconess Wanda Wright

Coordinator Of The Youth Ministry

Trustee Yvonne Head

President Of The Missionary Society

Deacon C. Keith Myers

President Of The Jubilee Choir

Deacon Mario Backmon

Director Of Music Ministry

Deacon Michael Smith

Media Ministry

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